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Dean Street
United Kingdom
Phone number:
0330 001 2489
0330 001 2489
0330 001 2489
0330 001 2489


9:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00

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Company description

Email Customer Service Number
Email! is an American web service provider. It offers search engine, and related features, including Email! directory, mail, news, finance, groups, advertisements, web mapping, video sharing, fantasy sports, etc.

When it comes to other services offered by Email, email is at the number one spot and is widely used by people around the world, mainly in the technology industry. Email is the third-largest email provider in the world, with 281 million subscribers. One of the nicest aspects about Email is that it's free for all to use.

Services of email
Manage Email Security Online: Build a good Email account password and get email protection support.
Recover Outlook Email: If your account is lost, get help to retrieve your deleted data.
Breached Email Account: Get support to safeguard Email account data and protected Email account information.
Regain email Contacts:Follow three quick steps to regain contact if you have lost email contact.
Password Support: Get password support to adjust or reset the email password for your email account.
Email Login issue: Recover the lost password for Email and enter your Email account.
How to secure a email account?
Email is the most used service throughout the world among email's services. That’s why Email has become one of the favorite targets for hackers.

By taking important precautions, you could preserve your privacy online:

Managing your Email password security
There is much more to your password than just a key to access your account. It must be kept safe, and it should be powerful and strong.

Ensure that a safe web portal is used
The Internet is a wonderful location, but only when it is safe for you. Comprehensively evaluate what you share and with what you share.

When using email on a shared computer, be cautious
Make sure that anytime you open emails in a public place, you sign out after you finish your job.

Avoid malware and malicious applications
Try deleting it as soon as possible if you encounter any malware or other malicious applications.

Breached Email Account
Email facilities can only be accessed if the user of Email signs in with their ID and password. Often this email is compromised but it is easily noticeable.

Tips to prevent your email account from a data breach

Frequently use your Email account: It may seem strange. But if you have a Email account, use it frequently. Email sends you updates in the form of notifications. That includes the latest updates regarding the latest account security tips and cyber-attacks happening over the internet.
Keep the password unique and unpredicted: If you have not changed the password in the last few years, immediately change it. Ensure the new password is not used anywhere else before and is unique.
Change security questions: Since the hackers have exposed the security questions. Therefore, change the security questions and make sure the questions are completely different on every account you use.
Enable two-step verification: It is one of the best forms to prevent your account from hacks. Email will send you a verification code if someone will try to access your account.
How do you discover that your Email is breached?
There are different signs that you will learn that your account has been compromised. Several of those are:


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