1 Whaley Road
Potters Bar EN6 2RA
United Kingdom
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0330 108 8844


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9:00 - 17:00
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Company description

We’re based in North London, but we build exemplary loft conversions in London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. After 14 years in the business and over 500 lofts conversions under our belt, we’ve built an enviable reputation. We pride ourselves on truly listening to the needs of our customers, involving them at every step of the journey, and delivering loft conversions they love. We don’t want you to just take our word for it though. We encourage you to speak to some of our happy customers and even visit them to see our quality for yourself. We’re also very happy to offer free consultations and quotes.


Please do not entertain contracting with this company for your loft conversion, it will mean no end of stress, poor project management, poor communication, downright rudeness and they are the most unprofessional organisation I have ever experienced. They will deny responsibility, deny the facts to their own trade body federation and even deny ever knowing you. They use different company names. If you do entertain contracting with this company for your loft conversion, ask them, do you deny using the name of your previously dissolved company? abbeyloftconversionslimi…… Do you deny changing your identity but still using the same prohibited company name?… Do you deny threatening your clients who complain to your trade body or write bad reviews, I have read over 70 bad reviews on this company They threatened me and my son also. Do you deny using different company names? Abbey Partnership, The Abbey Group, A Lofts or of course Abbey Lofts Ltd We contacted Abbey Lofts after seeing many good reviews. The initial meeting left a good impression we were promised outstanding service with no hassle. Their marketing and website looked impressive, promising exceptional build quality and customer service but we discovered the reality was different with most of the reviews on their website being just made up. We had a very negative and disappointing experience. To their credit, the team turned up every day in all weathers and seemed pleasant. One day there was an enormous bang and when we investigated, there was a big crack in our ceiling and cornice. They were hammering the steel beam in and knocked it into our neighbour's property. We alerted the builders who came and had a look and although apologetic, they said the damage was minor and they would fix it. We were worried about the damage this may have caused and wanted a surveyor to check it, but Abbey Lofts wouldn't agree to pay for an independent surveyor. I contacted Freddy and was told that the project manager for this job would sort out the problem, but he never did. The builders "repaired" the damage, but it was a pretty shoddy repair. Worrying cracks then started appearing all over our house. When I raised this with Abbey Lofts, they simply ignored my calls and messages. The Abbey Partnership took all of their payment from us up front before work started. We then had to pay each of the trades people directly for their work. We were never given a schedule for completion of work and expected payment dates. We were told that inspections of the quality of work completed would take place before payment would be authorised but most payments were demanded without any inspection taking place and on 2 occasions, they emailed us demanding payment for work that had not yet been carried out. We paid them money for the work that they did not finish. Freddy promised to come back, we paid him and never came back. Another grave problem was that my loft wet room was leaking and considerable damage to the bedrooms below the loft was also caused. So many other problems with The Abbey Group too many to list here. They didn't respond to any of our phone calls. In the end we had to pay for someone to correct all the issues. Please stay away from them
9/14/2021 10:15:21 AM Report