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82 High Howe Lane Bear Cross
Bournemouth BH11 9QX
United Kingdom
Phone number:
07878 799998


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I have "Set up" this free forum to provide you with information only. It was easier to add information this way than build my own website that could be updated regular. There is still more information to add so please bear with me.

I hope to get as many signatures as possible to the petitions on the main website, to have speed cameras removed from the roads and force the government into a full investigation & public enquiry into road signs, speed limits & speed camera use, as well as HGV weight limits & signage and traffic light camera set ups and timing.

As we are protected by the bill of rights from being prosecuted for petitioning the Government you should have no trouble delivering notices to any speed cameras or other public forum places in address to drivers who use that road and are effected by the cameras. You can also deliver ballot notices to private addresses under the service of notices and old unused buildings but do so at your own motivation I am not directing you to do so. Please do not create litter with notices. You will be free from prosecution but the police and council do "not seem to like" the petition and they may steal, destroy and remove your ballot notices which is theft and vandalism. And as the police are collaborating with the council you may have trouble getting a prosecution against any police or council staff who do take petitions down or destroy them. So the best way would be to go to the Small claims website and fine them directly online for whatever it cost to buy & print out ballot notices etc.. (like £5-10 for paper & photocopying) hopefully it will deter them from actively attempting to make the petition unsuccessful which in political terms is dam right dirty cheating and only confirms that they indeed assume they are above and beyond the law and justice and are prepared to cheat. (please try not to damage any speed cameras.. A4 sticker paper is easily removed with an plastic ice scraper if needs be and plastic tags can be collected afterwards.


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