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Good time of day, users ! If you are faced with a problem that each of you is facing or has encountered, I will try to tell you about the pedals and processors. This is a choice between a guitar lotion and a guitar effects processor. For each musician, the main thing is the assessment of his work by people. For this, the style of play, technicality and emotionality are important. But it is important that the music should be recognizable by ear. What is needed for this? Of course, a kind of personal technique. But this is only half the battle. The second important factor is sound. Take any well-known guitarist, and you will see, but rather hear that everyone has his own unique sound. The question arises - how? The answer is quite difficult! And there are two options: the use of effects pedals for guitars, or guitar "lotions", or effects processors. Each of them has its pros and cons, each option is worthy of existence. In this article I will tell you more about guitar processors, compare them with the “lotion” and help in the selection. Lotion for guitar or effects processor. What's better?
There is no definite answer, as each has its own advantages. For example, a guitar processor can easily be placed in a guitar case and brought with you. For a chain of 5-6 effect pedals, transportation will be more problematic. The processor is lighter, more compact, there is no confusion of wires and power problems. It does not require constant adjustment, and will always give the desired sound. But then the next question appears: sound! For many years, musicians have been arguing about what is better - a digital, modulated program sound of a guitar processor, or an analog sound effect pedal based on resistor boards? Rather, the answer will be positive for the second option. The processor will not provide accurate sound, will not show all the dynamics and expressiveness, will not ask the drive that can be squeezed out of the guitar “lotion”. But then he will help to combine in himself the fact that many beginning musicians simply can not afford. You have no question why prices fluctuate so much? I will answer: there are several reasons for this. The first is the quality of emulation and sound. The second is the use of analog distortion in some processors. This is done to improve the sound, increase the drive and raise the overall sound of the guitar processor. In general, I can say one thing - try it! Look for yourself, look for your own, unique sound! Experiment, change, add ... The main thing in music is desire! Good luck, successful creative way!


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