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Bond Street
London E15
United Kingdom
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Company description

Hello! My name is Thomas, I'm 25 years old and I am a technical support expert for . A year ago I graduated in a technical school with a diploma in computer networking, and I have no plans to start a family within the upcoming few years. Now all my efforts and attention are focused on self-development and growth in the expert direction.
I Truly enjoy working in technical support, since this job combines the tasks of a software expert, a programmer and a detective. At times the issue is so disguised that the answer is totally unobvious. And each time you manage to solve a mystery,"why nothing works", then you get a sense of deep satisfaction and maybe even triumph! The service is a really intriguing team, ready to address multifaceted problems and even participate in product improvement. And if you wish to try yourself in this work, you are able to work at night and are not fearful of Asian English.
I'm a music lover, I'm interested in everything and that I like to"climb" into distinct genres. Furthermore, playing and performing a few song or composing my own songs, I'm emotionally discharged, allow lose my feelings and alleviate my nervous stress. In my childhood, there was rock, other, electronic equipment, American gangsta rap - it was all cool and interesting, but not like jazz. It is the audio of the minute, and it's always emphasized by the rhythm, the swing. I really don't think in jazz : by the way, all actual jazz avant-garde swings, and it's not difficult to sense it. In jazz you can't abstract yourself from the flow of time; you've got to completely immerse yourself into the music and be aware there is something apart from it. For me it's the rhythm of existence and I wish to feel every moment of it.
In my view, in accepting jazz, in loving it - the same inspiration as in adoring modernism in painting, literature, theater. The destruction of the"ivory tower" made by classical artwork. Recognition that guy lives in peace and isn't eternal.


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