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At BrightonData Recovery our speciality is recovering data from any device that has laptop hard disk recovery the facility to store data such as a Desktop PC, data recovery specialists, a RAID server, damaged raid 5 data recovery or portable storage device. failed hard drive recovery Every year 1000s of clients benefit from our server data recovery and the 15 years experience we have. every year.

As long as a business doesn’t have a Raid 0 system, a small business can afford to hold off replacing a Raid driver. While you don’t want to want to wait too long, you may have time to swap out a drive. However, should you do a hot swap, a warm swap, or a cold swap? Many small businesses may not be able to hire an IT department or have much experience with the different types of driver swaps. What does a hot swap mean? This type of swap allows for a business owner to swap out a failing drive without turning off your Raid system. A swap can be made without interrupting business. The bus keeps transferring data and the change is hardly noticed.

If you cannot perform a hot swap, you may be able to do a warm swap. What is the difference between a hot swap and a warm swap? While a hot boot won’t affect business at all, a warm swap may require a bus near the drive stop working while a swap is performed., but the system may remain on This may be a better option than performing a cold swap. With a cold swap, the entire system must be turned off and no work can be done.

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If a cold swap is performed, a business most probably will have to stop operations completely? A business may not be able to wait too long after a drive stops operating before they resume operations. Did you know that 80 percent of businesses in a major disaster fail within 18 months? However if a business experiences a major fire, those UK businesses 70 percent of the time will fail or not reopen within three years. A data loss could cause a business to lose money. Not operating for even half a day could cost a UK business thousands of pounds or more. After a business has a data loss, they may go out of business. Did you know that 70 percent of businesses go out of business after a data loss? Only one out of 20 large companies can continue to function without their IT systems. Six out of 20 small businesses were able to operate without IT security support. Isn’t it nice to know that if you need new drive, a professional can help businesses recover lost data quickly? Have you ever had to warm or hot swap out a Raid driver? We recover data from Raid 5 data recovery systems, laptop hard drives, external hard drives, USB flash drives and more. At Brighton Server Data Recovery, we also offer our 15 years of experience in many other data recovery specialist so that your documents which is stored on Raid arrays and your sensitive data is safe. To see how our services can help your business.


I can’t express my gratitude enough. You saved me — and all my data. Others said it would be impossible to recover the data from my hard drive, but you proved them wrong. Thanks again for your professionalism and your commitment to helping me through what looked like a huge disaster.
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