Caroline Bronte Councelling

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Elizabeth House, Station Hill
Cookham SL6 9BS
United Kingdom
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07708 893 082

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Company description

Rediscover Yourself with Counselling and Life Coaching from Caroline BronteCaroline Bronte (the Counselling, Coaching, and Therapy Company) was established with one purpose in mind: to help individuals that are experiencing mental and emotional issues.The truth is that we are all vulnerable to mental and emotional problems at some point in our lives.Sometimes, they are severe.Sometimes, they are mild.These issues can stem from our daily activities, events, relationships, and so on.They have a knack for throwing our lives off balance.That’s why I have designed counselling and life-coaching services that can help you put your life back in balance.My Professional Qualifications in Counselling and Life CoachingMy commitment to helping people overcome their mental and emotional problems is evident in, and reinforced by my lifetime pursuit of knowledge in the profession.I have over two decades of expertise in life coaching, counselling, and therapy.My competence in the profession is based on my qualifications, with an MA in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, BA Honours Degree in Psychology, and my Art Therapy, Counselling, and Life Coaching Diplomas.Colour Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Behaviour Therapy—these are some of the branches of psychology in which I am a practitioner.My experience cuts across various sectors. I have worked in schools, children’s homes, youth centres, hospitals, NHS, and supported living homes in local communities.Some of the problems I have helped a lot of people overcome include depression, rejection, grief, disappointment, spending problems, suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, low self-esteem, aggressive behaviour, relationship issues, phobia, and bereavement.The Guarantee for My Counselling and Life Coaching ServicesWhile we are all humans and have a lot of mutual qualities and predicaments, no two people are completely the same.For that reason, I offer an individual counselling or life-coaching programme that is unique to each patient’s predicament.Some of the things I can help you do include evaluating your problems, activities, friendships and relationships, your thoughts and emotions (even the underlying ones), and your life as a whole.I guarantee that you will rediscover yourself in the end.When you enrol for my counselling or life coaching sessions, whether online, telephone, or face-to-face, your privacy is guaranteed and you also enjoy full counsellor-patient confidentiality.Reach out today.Let me help you regain your balance.


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