Clifton Cocktail Club

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Basement, 135 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton
Bristol BS8 2PL
United Kingdom
Phone number:
0117 970 6589

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Company description

Embark on an odyssey of taste at the Clifton Cocktail Club, where the pursuit of the perfect cocktail is a relentless quest. Here, the atmosphere crackles with the energy of creation, as mixologists blend, shake, and stir with the precision of master craftsmen. The cocktails are not just mixed but composed, each ingredient a note in a harmonic melody that dances across the tongue. The club itself is a stage, and every evening is a performance where the drinks are the stars, and the patrons are the privileged audience. Beyond the cocktails, the club boasts a cellar of wines that would make a sommelier swoon, beers that capture the essence of the finest hops and grains, and ciders that sparkle with the crispness of autumn orchards. The Clifton Cocktail Club is a place where the extraordinary is commonplace, and every glass raised is a celebration of the liquid artistry that is the club's hallmark.


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