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The optometry glasses need to pay attention to the following points.
Youth to choose what kind of computer glasses frames?
In order to correct refractive errors to improve eyesight and protect eyes will need to match the purpose of the mirror. Two parts of glasses, lenses and frames, is ten points and pay attention to young people, especially young women often according to their own different dress, wearing different glasses. Fine young women prefer dainty, brightly coloured frames, young men like straightforward structure, colour and lustre is deep computer glasses frames. Spectacle frame style a lot, but with the wearer's face, skin color, hair style. Face width, unfavorable use small and narrow mirror frame; Long thin face type, unfavorable use broad frames. All in all, everyone has his own aesthetic view, young people hairstyle, clothes, changing, select frames also cannot have a fixed mode, should be mainly based on personal cheeks, bridge of the nose, the pupil distance, etc., choose the spectacle frame is both beautiful and comfortable, wear out young people own manner.
How to select frame according to the face?
Frames is the combination of science and technology and art, is also aesthetics. The people wear different kinds of glasses, will show different instrument. So, when choosing frames Should not only consider vision correction, but also can increase their sense of beauty. Note when you choose glasses Face shape, since computer glasses can make considerable changes on face. Round and square face Top face appropriate wear slightly flattened, thick and transparent bottom frame or frameless shape, this will make the face appear longer, dilute face round. A long face, should wear a pair of flat at the bottom of the dark frames, if wearing a pair of glasses, no bottom face look longer. So choose frames can have the effect of equilibrium in appearance. Bold face to a thick line, heavy face and a solid composed of computer glasses frames. Slender face need to be wearing a light, delicate frame. Of course, choose the length of the frame not only pay attention to the face and cheeks FengQiao, also note eyebrow, nose, mouth, hair, etc., at the same time in the career, cultural quality, etc. Therefore, the pursuit of style also is different, some want to deep, some requirements and elegant and free and easy. In addition, the spectacle frame style but also for clothing, costumes, climate environment, social situation varies selection, etc. Even if the face is similar, also don't wear the same frame. In a word, to choose according to the personal nature of the job, your hobby you think satisfied with computer glasses


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