Coventry Clutch Master

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12 Harper Road
West Midlands CV1 2AP
United Kingdom



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Specialist in Cluthes, Gearboxes,Mechanical Repairs at Low Prices

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What a joke this place is..... KEEP AWAY please please, take this from me Tony as he likes to be called the owner!!!! doesn't know what hes doing and can not believe this place is still open! Nothing but problems VERY VERY poor quality parts, and workmanship, wish I had never used them. First of all, although they seemed the most competitive price at the time, when it came to fitting my replacement clutch they said that my Gear box had gone was leaking Oil £500 Qd the price was!!!!! had to have the gear box rebuilt, 3 weeks after haven the car back I could smell gear box Oil so took it back!!! Tony tried to fob me off saying it was probably just nothing t worry about so I drove the car for 2 more weeks, until it got so bad I couldn't drive the car because off the smell.So I took the car back to them the first thing he said was that it must be a problem with the part they fitted and they would fit another one. They then tried to make me come back another time, No one new where this tony guy was I was told he'd not shown for work for 3 days!! WTF !!!! also like to add I was told by sooooo many people that work next door to his unit, that hes a joke and Tony wasn't hes real name!!!!! and that he has soooo many people kicking off about his so called work. I wasn't happy and was worried about what to do next, I kicked off I wasn't to happy but was asked to come back Monday so I did. On Monday I asked for my money back has I felt I couldn't trust him with my car!! I was told NO its the a part that has failed wasn't his fault!!!! But I wouldn't let up, so he said leave the car with him and he would sort it and if I wasn't happy with the car after I could have all my money back. so I insisted they keep the car there until it was fixed. the next 2 day I went to collect the car it seemed fine but on the way home the gears started to make a funny sound called him up ( Don't worry about it he said the box needs time to run in ) WTF so I left it for a few days, I hadn't even done 300 miles when the gear box started to back the worse sound ever took it back for the 3rd time!!!! this time I was so mad. He sent the other chap that worked there to have a look ( who couldn't speak a word off English by the way) I was told the bearing had failed and the box needed to be taken apart AGAIN!!!! I asked for my money back like I was told I could have Er nooooo he said give him one more chance LOL as if, after some shouting from my part he asked me to come back in a weeks time to pick up the £500 Qd, so I did........ But as you guessed this isn't the end off my little story, as asked I pop down there on the Friday a week later to get my refund but was told he was only given me back half off my money !!!!!!! I couldn't be bothered to fight any more, So I took the money and then took the car to a garage that I was told about!! After removing the gear box I got a phone call form them, only one off the bearing had been changed, with the wrong part!!!! and wrong gear box oil was used, the clutch was F@#k because it was one off a none turbo car, as mine was a turbo so wrong part!!! TO EVERY ONE THAT READS THIS POST PLEASE DO YOUR SELF A FEVER STAY AWAY !!!!!!! PLEASE......
3/8/2013 10:25:47 AM Report