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Contacting Google is very simple. The main issue is that getting a reply back, or even a solution to your problem, is very complicated. It is critical to be aware all of your choices for getting a resolution with Google support. This article covers the top tactics for getting help from Google.

Google Contact Number & Google Contact Email
Google’s contact phone number is 1-866-246-6453 and their contact email is [email protected], but please keep in mind you probably won’t get a reply to your question via these channels.

Are there any solutions? How do you contact Google?
The bad news is that if you are a normal Google user, you do not really have any options. This can be hard to believe, because Google is a multi billion dollar company. When it comes to Google, you and your searches are their product. This means that if one of Google’s billions of searchers has an problem, it’s not that important for Google. They don’t want to hire a support team and spend money to help searchers. Google has a philosophy of cookie cutter support documents and user run forums for doing their support. Instead of spending money on customer service, they focus on improving their technology, along with creating new products and services.

If you are an Advertiser on Google AdWords or a Business Owner with an “Google My Business” listing, there are escalation paths to help address your issues. We’ll explain those at the end of the article.

Why Is It So Hard To Contact Google Support?
Google has over 100 billion searches per month and the amount of customer service requests they receive is overwhelming. Imagine if just 1 out of every 1,000 users contacted Google one time each year, that’s more than 1.2 billion customer support inquiries every year, or 3,280,000 per day. Some people might say, ‘sure, but that’s just 136,000 support messages every hour’, which might be a possible for a business with Google’s billions of dollars.

We really don’t know. We realize this is not an simple problem; often times problems simply can’t be automatically solved at a large scale for consumers of free websites. At the same time the much smaller number of advertisers, business owners or dedicated users definitely need some respect. These Google searchers enable Google to advertise and when they click on ads, they drive Google’s stock value higher and higher. These searchers need a better way to raise present their problems to Google.

How To Contact Google Support As A Business Owner
When you are a normal business owner trying to show up on Google, it’s still possible to receive help, it’s just unlikely. The best way to do this is to send a support message from Follow the instructions below:

Click through to
Scroll down to expand the list of icons to show the “Business” section
Click on Google My Business or Google AdWords
In the top right corner of the screen, click “contact” or “fix”
Choose whichever options best describe your problem
Many of the options are a “dead end” and won’t lead you to a contact form
Click the “back arrow” and choose a different option if you don’t get a choice with a ‘contact us’ link
You should see a contact form which asks for your contact information, and more details about your problem
Fill out the form, and wait for a reply back
Notice that I specifically chose “Google My Business.” Google has no support channel for asking about the regular organic search listings.

In this example, to get to this contact form I chose “Verification” then “I request a post card more than 14 days ago” and then clicked the “contact us” that popped up:


thanks for support Google Uk
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