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Hi, if you play football, but never bet on football via the Internet, it's time to try . Fans of football are millions of people around the world. One of the features of our favorite game is absolute unpredictability. Even those teams that seriously no one expects, can suddenly shoot. For example, it was at the European Championships in 2004, when the Greek team won the continental championship.
Predicting the outcome of football events is always difficult. Nevertheless, football betting is the favorite entertainment of the betters.
Today, with the development of the Internet, the stakes for the football match have gone online, and the better just needs to find a place where he will be provided with the best service. Doubt?
Online Football Betting: Betting Types
Football fans who want to test their own strength in forecasting, on the Pari-Match website, get a wide field of activity. Football betting via the Internet is presented here in all its diversity. If you wish, you can bet on almost any event of a football match. All this set of options is divided into the following main categories:
- Predictions on the outcome of the match (the victory of one of the teams, a draw)
- Double chance (the first team will not lose, there will be no draw, the second team will not lose)
- Total (number of goals scored in the match)
- Individual events (for example, C. Ronaldo will score the ball, Higuain will receive a yellow card)
- Team events (percentage of possession of the ball, number of strokes, etc.)
- Predictions on the result of the tournament (CSKA will win the championship of Russia, Bolton will fly out of the English Premier League)
- Express (predictions for several matches)
Express at football betting
Online football betting in the form of express trains are traditionally among the most popular. However, the uncertainty of the results of football matches can play a cruel joke with Better. Express in Parimatch promise excellent ratios, but they need to be approached with caution. Where there is a big sum, there is a significant risk. From many years of practice we can say that in express trains it is better to use bets on a football match for a double chance. Such insurance will greatly increase your chances of success.
Also, do not include in the express football betting on friendly matches. Football players usually do not attach much importance to such games.
Football betting online: what to look for
If you decide to earn extra money with the help of online football betting, then you should remember a few important aspects. First of all, the importance of the latest team results. The statistics of personal encounters of two rivals are much less important. Many of the results from such statistics apply to games 10-20 years old. And, you see, it’s pretty silly to put on football that was done by completely different players.
And, of course, passion for football. She is with you two-edged!


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