145-147 St. John Street
London EC1V 4PY
United Kingdom

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Company description

Magnesium oil, magnesium flakes, magnesium chloride, Zechstein, French green clay, calcium bentonite, sodium bentonite, zeolite, clinoptilolite, diatomaceous earth, bath salt, Natural Russia

More details

Thermal Mineral infrared weight loss/ detox body wraps, mineral facials, holistic detox, instant facial mini-uplift
Magnesium Products
Magnesium oil Bishofit, Magnesium oil Zechstein, magnesium flake Zechstein, Coniferous Balsam
French Clays
French Green montmorillonite, French Green, Yellow, Red, Pink Illite, White kaoilin
Other Clays
Siberian Blue & yellow clays, calcium bentonite clay, sodium bentonite clay
Therapeuitc Minerals
Natural Zeolite clinoptilolite, Food Grade diatomite, diatomaceous earth
Bath Salts
Siberian salt Rapan, Coniferous Concentrate, Iodine-bromide salt
Product Uses
Aches, pains, headaches, stress, fatigue, poor sleep, toxicity
Wholesale, Drop Shipping
Ascending discount structure, please enquire for details
Plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper bags, large sacks
Health, spa & beauty courses, mineral therapy courses
Payment Accepted
Postal Order, Cheque, Invoice, Cash, Paypal
Telephone, email, personal appointments
Earn up to 30% commission
Product Origin
Russia, France, other
Business Name
Natural Russia
Website, phone


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