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Caledonian Road
Kings Cross
United Kingdom
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It's no secret that the majority of buyers choose to house at price, and the area, infrastructure, parking, etc. amenities - it is secondary. For this reason mentioned earlier prior to the adoption of the law on shared construction, many invested in new buildings at the stage of laying the excavation and construction of the initial flooring, as these housing was worth 30-40% cheaper than at the secondary. And, roughly speaking, it is better to buy a new car than older and constantly repair it. On the other hand, not all developers can boast of the quality of buildings, plus, some may delay the construction or even declare themselves bankrupt. In this regard, the demand for home assembled 20-40 years ago is not falling.
For exactly the same price can be purchased in a bad total area of 45 square meters. M. in the old multi-storey or a spacious two-bedroom apartment with a total area of 70 sq.m. in the home under construction. In this case, in the next case, the buyer can select the floor and layout, rather than be satisfied by what is offered; new communications. The nearest 5-10 years, if the programmer complied with all technologies, there'll be no issues with wiring, plumbing, heating.
Legal purity. Buying an apartment in a new building, you can be sure of the cleanliness of this transaction. Suddenly there'll be no other applicants (heirs( past owners) for square yards; mortgage. Banks are more likely to provide loans for"primary", as such housing is considered problematic; shrinkage. From the first couple of years, the home offers shrinkage, therefore there may be gaps, cracks in the supporting constructions.
And if the house itself is not damaged, the repairs will nonetheless have to be reworked; the inconvenience. In new areas, there may be problems with schools, medical facilities, and stores.
I'm a realtor on the website. We have all of the new buildings. There is an opinion that in the past that it was constructed capitally and for decades, but now it's almost impossible to find a quality contemporary home without cardboard walls. But any dwelling has its own pros and cons. What's actually better: an older fund or new structures. If you want to buy new housing our website gives a huge selection of affordable new housing in any city. Well-appointed territory. In the construction of complexes, programmers do not neglect and children's and sports grounds, parking lots, walkways, areas for walking dogs.
Minuses of new buildings: extended waiting for building and commissioning. This option isn't suitable for people who need to move in their houses as soon as possible. Another couple of weeks should be laid to the repair and arrangement of their premises, the dangers of delay in the delivery of the home and problems with the developer. One thing in the event the delay - one or two weeks and also the developer promises to pay a penalty, another if the object and a half years will be in suspension. Worse yet, if the company declares itself bankrupt. Then get back the money and get house is almost impossible, even if the buyers have spent in a large developer with a fantastic reputation; failure to follow construction regulations.
If the developer attempts to save money on building materials, issues with noise, heat, and waterproofing are guaranteed. In these cases, the neighbors will probably be heard and the street will be visible throughout the gaps. Therefore, before buying a house you should read testimonials on forums about other properties built by this company.


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