Perry's Aquatic Centre

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The Bungalow 6 Market Rasen Road,
Lincoln LN2 3QR
United Kingdom
Phone number:
01673 860 727

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Company description

Perry’s Aquatic Center are a small independent aquatic company that are proud to say that they do not sell any of their products via the Internet on ebay, amazon or any other online site.

Wayne Perry started the company over 20 years ago and he is still happy that he can help all his customers that come threw the door, look around his shop and ask him any questions that they like regarding the items that he sells and it will stay that way because he believes that if you want good service, when you need help with your tank or fish, he will all ways be there to help.

The Lincolnshire based business stocks a good selection of marine fish, coral and inverts including blood and cleaner shrimps, red leg hermits, emerald crabs, starfish and lots more.

They also have a tropical fish section selling a broad range of tropical fish from all around the world and tropical plants from Tropica, the worlds best tropical plant company.

Pond/Cold Water - goldfish, small koi, sarasa comets, shubunkins, yellow and black goldfish, tench and some pond plants including marginal and lilies are always in stock.

Their dry goods selection maybe quite small but the hold a good range of everyday dry goods that you will need to keep your fish happy, fed well and looking good at all times. Their range includes the following leading brands.

New Era.
Red Sea Salt tubes for your marine tank.
Eheim Internal filters
Kockney Koi pond foods
Ocean Direct Live Sand
Frozen fish food
DD Fluidised Reactors
Yamitsu pond UV filters
Microbe lift all in one for your marine tank
Continuum for your marine tank

Perry’s Aquatic Center carry 2000 liters of RO water and 1200 liters ready made salt water in stock at all times. Red Sea Coral Pro Salt is used for their salt mix. For Perry’s Aquatic Center and many marine enthusiasts, that is the salt to use if you want the perfect marine reef tank.

Please pop over have a chat or just have a look around. They are always there to help those who are new or seasoned to their fish keeping hobby.


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