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During pregnancy, the uterus becomes larger, abdominal wall relaxation, will lead to postpartum stomach larger, abdominal muscle loose. In order to promote physical recovery and wound healing, mothers can choose to use the appropriate abdomen. When to take the belly? In the week after the production with the abdomen, especially the caesarean section of women, postpartum with abdominal belts help to protect the abdominal incision at the same time, but also help the uterus to recover fashion postpartum belt.

However, the postpartum abdomen with how long to take? Belly can not be all day and night are tied, lying in bed or sitting rest should be unlocked, and so out of bed activities and then Department. Because the long-term use of the belly band will affect the blood circulation, limiting the lumbar muscle, abdominal activities, so that the recovery time is longer.

If the new mother needs to be more vigorous activities or early recovery to work, you can also use a short period of time belly. The key is to wear one or two hours later, it should be solved, let the waist to relax for a while. When buying the belly belt, pay attention to pick the material soft, breathable products.

Many new mothers will buy after the corset to help postpartum abdomen, but many mothers seem to have no effect. In fact, you want to use the belly band to achieve postpartum abdomen effect, the method to use the right job. Xiaobian below to give you the new mother to explain how to correctly use the postpartum girdle.

Many moms began to prepare for the postnatal use of the corset, the market can be seen as a large bandage to be fixed with a safety pin, another suitable for the devil felts fixed crotch belt. Many mothers want to maintain postpartum good postpartum body, but also hope to help themselves through the belly belt body sculpting. But in fact the main function of the belly belt mainly lies in:

One, to help the rehabilitation of the wound. Because the post pregnancy belly band can be by local pressure to help reduce the pain of caesarean section wound, and accelerate the recovery rate of the wound. Can also help the natural production of maternal more powerful use of the back and abdomen of the muscle group.
Second, to prevent the uterus and other organs of the droop. But must use the method, if the use of the wrong method but counterproductive.
Third, because it can tighten the abdomen, so for the inhibition of appetite, there will be a positive help to avoid excessive consumption of maternal.


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