Signworld group Ltd.

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Newgate House
Broughton Industrial Estate
Cheshire CH40BY
United Kingdom



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Signworld group Ltd. are one of the UK's leading sign and manufactring companies, specialising in advertising monoliths, corporate identity, health and safety signs and vehicle livery.

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Sign & Signmakers Materials Retail & Wholesale
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WITHOUT PREJUDICE I used this company to wrap the roof of my 5 month old BMW, and at first i thought I was in good hands. However when I collected the car, I pointed out I wasn't happy with the quality of the finish, mainly around the rear of the roof which looked awful, but I was assured by a man I believe to be the director Allan Stephenson, that after a short period of settling in time, it would be fine, and if I was not happy I could go back, but bearing in mind this involves a 100 mile round trip almost, it is not exactly convenient! So I took him on his word. The wrap did not settle down, and when I asked for a refund as I had initially asked for it to be re done, but having waited days for no replies, and eventually being told I expected too much, I was told it would not be a paint like finish, and I was basically being unreasonable, I got 2 second opinions from other specialist car wrapping firms, who thought the job was a joke, and a disaster! One said it looked like a cheap and wrong type film, the other said it looked like bitumen painted on, and queried if there was a poor finish on the roof initially, not realizing at that point it was in fact a new car! At this stage I had lost all faith in Signworld who incidentally trade as Wrap my too, so I asked for a refund, only to be refused and to be told that some sort of paper i signed upon collection was in fact an acceptance note, even though I was not made aware of this, and was never given a copy of it, and that they would present this as defence should I take them to court! They did eventually offer to re do the job free of charge, but by then, having heard their initial reactions, I was NEVER going to take so much as a wheelbarrow to their shop - would you? Now the crazy thing is, I tried to point out to Allan that it was not worth falling out over £170 +vat, and I really didnt care about such a small amount of money, but it was the principle of getting a bad job, especially after his exact words to myself and my wife were "we will do the wrap as good as it is possible for anyone to do a wrap". I will get the wrap removed from the car at my own expense, and by another company in my prescence, who will be witness to the possibility of damage to my roof's paintwork caused by Signworld and their poor workmanship, and if there is any, I will then pursue them through the courts. In the meantime, I felt it more productive to spread a true, and factual review across the internet, of what terrible customer service these people give! I even told them in writing that I would write reviews, but they didnt even respond! They even claim to be ISO registered, however it is dated 2008. When I looked into this ISO website, I learned that any firm can pay to be ISO certified, and their 2008 is now defunct as per the ISO website! So their ISO claims would appear to mean little to nothing as the current rating is ISO 2015! i WILL UPLOAD IMAGES WHERE POSSIBLE TO SHOW THE QUALITY OF FINISH WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SO YOU CAN DECIDE IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU WOULD BE HAPPY ON YOUR £40,000 NEW CAR! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
11/16/2015 6:14:41 PM Report