Taylor Made Designs

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Unit 14
14 Silver Business Park
Dorset BH23 3TA
United Kingdom

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Printed and embroidered promotional clothing and merchandise.

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Products By This Company
Business Products and Services - Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations - Advertising and Information Display Products and Services Advertising or Promotional or Information Poster Design or Production Air Brush Painted Promotional Banners Clear Laminate Promotional Labels Clothing Tags Corporate Badges Dry Peel Promotional Labels Folding Promotional Displays Hand Painted Promotional Banners Inkjet Printed Promotional Banners Instant Win Promotional Labels Laminated Promotional Labels Lightweight Promotional Displays Mobile Promotional Media Panels Personalised Badges Personalised Products Promotional Banner Installation Promotional Banners Promotional Coupon Labelling Promotional Display Back Lit Transparencies Promotional External Signs Promotional Hoarding Prints Promotional Internal Signs Promotional Labels Promotional Luggage Labels Promotional Models Promotional Multilayer Labels Promotional or Advertising Magnetic Levitation Displays Promotional Peel Off Coupons Promotional Peel Off Labels Promotional Precut Vinyl Banners Promotional Signs Publicity or Advertising or Promotional Badges Reflective Promotional Signs Resealable Promotional Labels Retail Promotional Self Adhesive Labels Sales Promotion Wobblers Scratch Off Promotional Labels Secure Laminate Promotional Labels - Advertising and Marketing Consultancy Promotional Handling Services or Consultancy - Advertising and Marketing Services Corporate Marketing Display Advertising Campaigning Services Promotional Marketing Promotional Merchandising to Specification - Promotional or Premium Product Designers or Producers Advertising and Promotional Paper Clips Advertising Gift or Business Incentive or Souvenir Designers or Producers Advertising Gift or Business Incentives Advertising or Promotional Calculators Advertising or Promotional Inflatable Products Backpacks, Promotional Business Gifts Canvas Promotional Bags Charity Support Promotional Giftware Charity Support Promotional Items Coasters, Promotional Coir Promotional Mats or Matting Cold Air Inflatable Giant Promotional Balloons Corporate Gift Pens Corporate Marketing Gifts Cotton Promotional Aprons Cotton Promotional Bags Crystal Business Incentives Desktop Promotional Pen Pots Embroidered Promotional Gifts Engineering Industry Promotional Items Fabric Promotional Calendars Hessian Promotional Bags Inflatable Promotional Helium Filled Globes Inflatable Promotional Helium Filled Replicas Inflatable Promotional Helium Filled Shapes Inflatable Promotional Helium Filled Spheres Pens, Advertising or Promotional, Printers, Designers Plastic Promotional Carrier Bags Printed or Advertising or Promotional Paper Bags Printed Promotional Computer Mouse Mats Printed Promotional Magnets Printed Promotional Notepads Printed Promotional Tea Towels Printed Promotional Wipe Off Boards Promotional Adhesive Tape Dispensers Promotional Advertising Characters Promotional Air Fresheners Promotional Alarm Clocks Promotional Aluminium Combination Pens Promotional and Advertising Material Publishers Promotional Animal Cartoon Characters Promotional Apron Design Promotional Baby Bibs Promotional Baby Giftware Promotional Badge Holders Promotional Bag Design Promotional Ball Puzzles and Games Promotional Ballpoint Pen and Propelling Pencil Sets Promotional Ballpoint Pen Sets Promotional Ballpoint Pens Promotional Balls Promotional Bandannas Promotional Barrier Tapes to Specification Promotional Baseball Caps Promotional Bathrobes Promotional Beach Goods Promotional Beverages Promotional Bicycles Promotional Binders Promotional Blouses Promotional Body Cosmetics Promotional Bookmarks Promotional Bottle Holders Promotional Bottle Opener Keyrings Promotional Bottle Openers Promotional Bottle Stoppers Promotional Brandy Glasses Promotional Brass Lock Knives and Mini Steels Promotional Brushes Promotional Bugs Promotional Business Cardholders Promotional Business Luggage Promotional Calculator Cases Promotional Cameras Promotional Canvas Fabric Products to Specification Promotional Caps Promotional Carrier Bags Promotional Cases to Specification Promotional Catalogues Promotional CD Holders Promotional Cheque Book Holders Promotional Childrens Jackets Promotional Chilled Food and Drink Bags Promotional Chinaware Mugs Promotional Chrome Ballpoint Pen and Propelling Pencil Sets Promotional Chrome Ballpoint Pens Promotional Chrome Propelling Pencils Promotional Chrome Rollerball Pens Promotional Clear View Coasters Promotional Clear View Keyrings Promotional Clear View Refrigerator Magnets Promotional Clear View Rulers Promotional Clipboards Promotional Clocks Promotional Clothes Hangers Promotional Clothing Promotional Coasters Promotional Coats Promotional Colouring Books Promotional Combination Pens Promotional Compact Mirrors Promotional Computer Keyboard Brushes Promotional Computer Mouse Promotional Computer Mouse Keyrings Promotional Computer Mouse Mats or Pads Promotional Computer Workstation Wrist Rests Promotional Conference Folders Promotional Containers Promotional Cool Bags Promotional Corkscrews Promotional Cosmetic Bags or Purses Promotional Cosmetic Cases Promotional Cotton and Linen Tea Towels Promotional Cotton Fabric Products to Specification Promotional Cotton Tea Towels Promotional Counter Top Mats Promotional Crayons Promotional Credit Cardholders Promotional Cuff Links Promotional Cushions Promotional Desk Accessories Promotional Desk Sets Promotional Desktop Calculators Promotional Desktop Weather Stations Promotional Diaries Promotional Dice Promotional Document Cases Promotional Document Clips Promotional Document Wallets Promotional Drawstring Bags Promotional Drinking Bottles Promotional Duffel Bags Promotional Ear Plug Holders Promotional Earthenware Mugs Promotional Electronic Organisers Promotional Emblems or Logos Promotional Envelopes Promotional Executive Desktop Clocks Promotional Flags Promotional Flasks Promotional Fleece Jackets Promotional Flute Glasses Promotional Foam Packaging Promotional Foam Products Promotional Folding Clipboards Promotional Folding Hairbrushes Promotional Folding Mirrors Promotional Football Clothing Promotional Footballs Promotional Fountain Pens Promotional Games Promotional Gaming Chips Promotional Garment Belt Bags Promotional Garment Belts Promotional Gift Hampers Promotional Giftware to Specification Promotional Glass Carafes Promotional Glass Decanters Promotional Glass Tankards Promotional Glassware Promotional Goblet Glasses Promotional Goggles Promotional Golf Bag Tags Promotional Golf Ball and Tee Sets Promotional Golf Ball Marker and Pitch Fork Sets Promotional Golf Balls Promotional Golf Goods Promotional Golf Shoe Bags Promotional Golf Tee Holders Promotional Golf Tees Promotional Golf Towels Promotional Golf Trophies Promotional Grade Reflective Tapes Promotional Hand Knives Promotional Handkerchiefs Promotional Hats Promotional Heraldic Products Promotional Hessian Fabric Products to Specification Promotional Highlighting Pens Promotional Hip Flasks Promotional Holdalls Promotional Hot Water Bottles Promotional Ice Removal Window Scrapers Promotional Illuminated Magnifiers Promotional Illuminating Pens Promotional Imitation Suede Pen Presentation Pouches Promotional In Flight Bags Promotional Inflatable Product Hire Promotional Inflatable Walkabout Costumes Promotional Insulated Beverage Holders Promotional Insulated Mugs Promotional Items Promotional Items to Specification Promotional Items, Colour Change Devices Promotional Jackets Promotional Key Cases Promotional Key Fob Compasses Promotional Keyring Cigarette Lighters Promotional Keyring Pens Promotional Keyring Torches Promotional Keyrings Promotional Knitted Headbands Promotional Knives Promotional Ladies Jackets Promotional Ladies Padded Jackets Promotional Laptop Computer Bags Promotional Leather Goods Promotional Leather Luggage Tags Promotional Leather Purses Promotional Leather Scorecard Holders Promotional Leather Wallets Promotional Letter Openers Promotional Lipstick Cases Promotional Liquid Cosmetic Containers Promotional Liquid Filled Novelties Promotional Loaded Dice Promotional Long Drink Glasses Promotional Lottery Keyrings Promotional Luggage Promotional Magnetic Paper Clip Dispensers Promotional Magnets Promotional Manicure Sets Promotional Marker Pens Promotional Markers Promotional Mats Promotional Measuring Tapes Promotional Medallion Keyrings Promotional Membership Cardholders Promotional Membership Cards Promotional Memo Pads Promotional Memoboards Promotional Mens Purses Promotional Menu Covers Promotional Metal Ballpoint Pens Promotional Military Style Compasses Promotional Mobile Telephone Accessories Promotional Mobile Telephone Covers Promotional Mop Heads Promotional Motoring Atlases Promotional Multiblade Pocket Knives Promotional Multicolour Ballpoint Pens Promotional Multifunction Golf Tools Promotional Multifunction Pocket Tools Promotional Name Badges Promotional Nameplates Promotional Napkin Rings Promotional Napkins Promotional Necktie Pins or Clips or Slides or Retainers Promotional Neckties Promotional Non Adhesive Tapes Promotional Notepad Holders Promotional Notepads Promotional Nylon Pencil Cases Promotional Nylon Wallets Promotional Office Equipment Cases Promotional or Advertising Bags Promotional or Advertising Gift Cases Promotional or Advertising Giftware Promotional or Advertising Mugs or Ceramics Promotional or Advertising Products Promotional or Advertising Umbrellas Promotional or Advertising Wallets Promotional Oval Scale Rulers Promotional Oven Gloves Promotional Oven Mitts Promotional Oven Mitts or Gloves Promotional Overnight Bags Promotional Packaging to Specification Promotional Padded Childrens Jackets Promotional Padded Jackets Promotional Paper Promotional Paper Knives Promotional Paperweights Promotional Party Decorations Promotional Party Novelties Promotional Passport Holders Promotional Pen Holders Promotional Pen Knives Promotional Pen Light Torches Promotional Pen Presentation Boxes Promotional Pen Sets Promotional Pencil Sharpeners Promotional Pencils with Eraser Promotional Pens Promotional Permit Holders Promotional Personal Organisers Promotional Pewter Tankards Promotional Photograph Frames Promotional Plaques Promotional Plastic Floppy Disk Boxes Promotional Plastic Luggage Tags Promotional Plastic Travel Bags Promotional Platinum Plated Ballpoint Pens Promotional Pocket Calculators Promotional Pocket Diaries Promotional Pocket Knife and Torch Sets Promotional Pocket Tool Sets Promotional Pocket Toolkits Promotional Poker Dice Promotional Polyester Sports Bags Promotional Portable Radios Promotional Postcards Promotional Posters Promotional Presentation Boxes or Cases Promotional Presentation Folders Promotional Presentation Pen Tubes Promotional Printed Polo Shirts Promotional Printed Sweatshirts Promotional Propelling Pencils Promotional Pullovers Promotional Puzzles and Games Promotional PVC Coated Cotton Aprons Promotional PVC Coated Cotton Bags Promotional PVC Coated Nylon Aprons Promotional PVC Coated Nylon Fabric Products to Specification Promotional PVC Scorecard Holders Promotional Radios Promotional Retractable Ballpoint Pens Promotional Reversible Fleece Jackets Promotional Ribbons Promotional Rollerball Pens Promotional Round Dice Promotional Round Neck T Shirts Promotional Rubber Bands Promotional Rubber Erasers Promotional Rubber Mats Promotional Rubber Stamp Pads Promotional Rucksacks Promotional Rugby Shirts Promotional Rulers Promotional Safety Hammers Promotional Scarves Promotional Screwdrivers Promotional Sewing Kits Promotional Shot Glass Promotional Single Shot Cameras Promotional Ski Gloves Promotional Sleeveless Fleece Jackets Promotional Socks Promotional Soft Toys Promotional Sports Bags Promotional Sports Bottles Promotional Sports Clothing Promotional Squeegees Promotional Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pens Promotional Stainless Steel Lock Knives and Mini Steels Promotional Stainless Steel Mugs Promotional Stainless Steel Pen Sets Promotional Stainless Steel Rollerball Pens Promotional Stationery Promotional Steel Bottle Stoppers Promotional Stencils Promotional Sterling Silver Fountain Pens Promotional Stickers Promotional Sticky Note Holders Promotional Sticky Notes Promotional Stopwatches Promotional Stress Balls Promotional Stress Chairs Promotional Suit Carrier Bags Promotional Summer Jackets Promotional Sunglasses Cases Promotional Swimwear Promotional T Shirts Promotional Table Cloth Design Promotional Table Cloths Promotional Table Napkins Promotional Tapes Promotional Tax Disc Holders Promotional Tea Towel Design Promotional Tea Towels Promotional Teddy Bears Promotional Telephone Indexes Promotional Telephone Lead Disentanglers Promotional Telescopic Umbrellas Promotional Thermometers Promotional Tie Pins Promotional Tins Promotional Titanium Finish Ballpoint Pens Promotional Top Clothing Promotional Torches Promotional Towels Promotional Toys Promotional Tracksuits Promotional Trailers Promotional Travel Mugs Promotional Travelling Clocks Promotional Triangular Scale Rulers Promotional Trophy Bowls Promotional Tumbler Glasses Promotional Twist Action Ballpoint Pens Promotional Umbrellas with Seat Promotional Unbleached Cotton Bags Promotional Uniforms Promotional V Neck T Shirts Promotional Vacuum Flasks Promotional Vases Promotional Vinyl Ring Binders Promotional Vinyl Scorecard Holders Promotional Vinyl Suit Covers Promotional Waist Bags Promotional Wall Mount Clocks Promotional Wall Mountable Gloss Art Paper Planning Charts Promotional Wall Mountable White PVC Planning Charts Promotional Watches Promotional Weights Promotional Wheeled Travel Bags Promotional Window Stickers Promotional Wine Accessory Gift Sets Promotional Wine Bottle Holders Promotional Wine Coolers Promotional Wine Gift Sets Promotional Wine Glasses Promotional Winter Jackets Promotional Wrist Bands Promotional Writing Instruments Promotional Year Planners Promotional Yoyos Promotional Zip Fastener Pullers Promotional Zipped Document Cases Publicity and Promotional Brassware Recycled Promotional Items - Business Support Services - Contract Labour or Recruitment Agencies or Consultancy or Services Promotional Staff Recruitment - Design and Cartography Product Promotion Design Promotional Banner Design - Import and Export Agents Clothing Import or Export Protective Mining Clothing Export - Sourcing and Procurement Agents or Services Protective Mining Clothing Sourcing and Procurement - Office Supplies - Commercial Cleaning Equipment, Products and Services Mop Heads - Office Stationery and Desk Equipment Ballpoint Pens Business Card Collection Boxes Business Cardholders Engraved Pens Executive Pens Fibre Tip Pens Flashing Pens Fountain Pens Four Bay Business Cardholders Gel Pens Illuminating Pens Landscape Business Cardholders Leather Ring Binders Marker Pens Metal Ballpoint Pens Pens Portrait Business Cardholders Retractable Ballpoint Pens Ring Binders Rollerball Pens Wall Mounted Landscape Business Cardholders Writing Pens
Payment Accepted
Cheque, Cash, Delta, Maestro, Invoice, Eurocard, Visa, Electron, American Express, MasterCard, Solo, Switch
Promotional Clothing
Areas Served


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