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Test Covid19 is supplying Coronavirus Testing Kit throughout UK . Our at home IgM-IgG Combined Covid19 Antibody Rapid Test Kit is a similar test to the type used by the chinese centre for disease control and prevention. With results in as little as 2 minutes, and a 99% accuracy rate we are aiming to bring test to the UK general public at a fair price.

Our tests are single use and detects both early and late marker IgG/IgM antibodies, giving you confirmation of covid19 infection before symptoms show.

1There are four simple steps:

Use pin prick and collect blood sample

Add blood sample to sample well

Place 2–3 drops of buffer in sample well

Read results in 2 to 15 minutes

MORE DETAILS AT : https://test-covid19.co.uk/

There are three detection lines on the test, the control line (C), the IgM antibody line (M) and the IgG antibody line (G).

The control (C) line will show when the sample passes through the test.

A Negative Result

If only the C line shows (the control line), then the test has not detected any Covid19 antibodies, if the control line doesn’t appear at all the test has been unsuccessful and needs to be repeated.

M Only Positive Result

If the C (the control line) and the M (IgM antibody line) appears then the Covid19 virus IgM antibody has been detected in the blood sample.

G Only Positive Result

If the C (the control line) and the G (IgG antibody line) appears then the Covid19 virus IgG antibody has been detected in the blood sample.

Positive Result, G and M

If the C (the control line)the M (IgM antibody line) and the G (IgG antibody line) appears then both the ImG and IgG Covid19 antibodies has been detected in the blood sample.

VISIT AT : https://test-covid19.co.uk/

Immunoglobulin M (IgM) is the first antibody to show in a persons blood after the person has been exposed to a toxin or other foreign substance, it is also the human bodies largest antibody.

This antibody is what causes an immune response from the body and is widely accepted as the first line of defence against a viral infection.

Following this the IgG antibody starts to appear in the blood, this gives long term immunity against the virus.

By testing for both Covid19 antibodies we can get an indication of the timeline of the viral infection. If IgM antibodies are detected it indicates a recent exposure, if IgG antibodies are detected it indicates a later state of the infection.

VISIT AT : https://test-covid19.co.uk/

· 99% accuracy

· EC Certified

· Rapid finger-prick test for coronavirus

· Identify COVID-19 infection.

· Screen your family or workforce.

· Four simple steps with results in under 15 minutes

· Single use kit – 1 per person

· Screening testing kit now available at a pre-order price of only £44.95

ORDER YOUR KIT NOW AT : https://test-covid19.co.uk/

Website: test-covid19.co.uk/


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