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Company description

Most businesses have a website but is your website as effective as it could be at helping to build your business and turning visitors into customers or clients?

Webtime works with small and medium sized companies to develop an effective web presence both with their website and using all the other platforms available online such as Video, Social and Business Networks.

The internet today is a much more sophisticated and competitive place than it was, even five years ago, with consumers interacting in a two-way conversation with businesses and with each other.

With the internet maturing new challenges have arisen from the use of video and live streaming to needing to deliver a great mobile experience to your customers on whatever screen they are viewing your site.

At Webtime we work collaboratively with you to understand your true business goals and then we look at your website and your overall web presence and build a plan to move the project forward.

Often we find ways of making your website work harder for you by automating some of the admin tasks that you had to previously carry out manually.

Today's business must be on top of their branding sending out consistent messages across all the different platforms that they use but not only that they need to be aware of what is being said about them on the social media sites like twitter, facebook and google plus.

When comments are made about their brand they need to respond, acknowledging good ones and responding to the bad.

The challenges to a small business to manage a great web presence as well as get on with all the day to day and medium term tasks, is enormous. Little wonder some small businesses feel overwhelmed when it comes to the subject of updating their website.

So whether it's needing to make your site mobile or developing a new function on the site to reduce your manual admin input time Webtime will work with you.


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