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"Spotted a property for sale with JH Jones in November 2012, arranged to view and after the viewing offered the asking price as a cash buyer, then after providing proof of my funds (which I have never had to do before) I waited and waited, then I was told they had received an offer above the asking price, so I increased my offer again, it was clear that the agents were still showing people the property, and would not accept my offer, they were clearly trying to start a bidding war. Days passed before being told that the vendor did not want a bidding war, but they now had three offers, (another new offer) and asked if I wanted to increase my offer, I did, again days passed and I was then told my offer was rejected. I made a new offer some £20k above the asking price again after days my offer was rejected, I personally would not trust this agent to sell a property let alone buy one from them, it is little wonder Estate agents have such a bad name and reputation. This agent is slow to reply, does not follow OFT guidelines, such as showing a property under offer when it is under offer, clearly to start a bidding war, stay well clear of this agent.I have asked for the complaints procedure which they sent but despite asking several times, have still not been given an e mail address for the person you have to make the complaint to. reported to the OFT and property ombudsman.
2/8/2013 11:36:16 AM Report