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Douglas Newton
Not sure what happened to poor George Evans. I had a 1996 Countryman chassis change, but allowed selected new parts (Clutch; Timing Belt:Callipers etc to be fitted at no extra labour cost) In addition Tayside identified structural decay in body components that could easily be replaced while the vehicle was disassembled. I had this work done, and while it added about £1K to the cost of refurbishment, it would have cost a lot more to do now. I have since stripped the upper body right down and found the work at Tayside to be satisfactory, but still found further defects in the frame and doors which were not included in the deal. The vehicla was returned with MOT and running well. My only criticism was that I did not receive detiled receipts for the new components fitted had any of them failed subsequently, however neither did I get them from the VAG main agent in Inverness when I had my VW fixed. I am very aware that what you ask for is what you get from Tayside. This means that the bad bits from your old Landy go back on unless you ask for them to be renewed. I think that they give you an honest assessment of the vehicle, but there will always be corrosion that manifests itself later. I have restored a number of classic cars, and there are always nasty surprises. My 1996 110 Countryman is now in daily use and covers about 10,000 miles a year. Since having a new chassis fitted and other agreed repairs at Tayside it has passed the MOT twice without any significant attention other than routine maintenance
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