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Dr Peter Longdon
I had Hallmark reroof my house in September and the first time it rained heavily water came through the roof. Attempted for over a week to get them to respond to my phone calls, texts and emails. Only answered the phone once (by mistake I suspect) - said they would send someone to look and of course didn't. They offer a 10 year warranty but this is essentially useless. Lots of other issues as well, some only found after they had left: On one evening I found I could barely get out of my house because of the quantity of tiles, battens, nails etc dumped in front of the main door and over the garden. I had to remove these myself to a safe place but then to add insult to injury the workmen emptied my garden waste bin and used it to move the tiles etc to the skip. Also used a number of my plastic containers to move rubble, broke them and dumped them in the skip. Tiles broken on Dormer sections of roof. Only replaced because I spotted them before they left. One tile just bodged on with cement. Every section of guttering at front and back of house now leaks at the joints. Whilst cleaning guttering, I noticed felt left protruding 3" or more from underneath tiles. This was not visible from ground level All of the above relatively minor issues I could have lived with and did not post a negative review after the work was completed. This review was only posted after it became clear, from the almost complete lack of response to my complaint about the water ingress, that they would not honour the warranty. Would absolutely not use this company again. This is not an isolated incident - looking on Checkatrade and Bark, another customer of theirs had exactly the same problem in Oct of this year
11/18/2021 6:25:33 PM Report