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I would never recommend St Margaret’s B&B Winchester to anyone not EVEN my worst enemy!!! The So Called Owner is the rudest person I’ve ever met!! We arrived at the time she had told me on the phone which was 5pm, the door was opened No welcome at all just straight away barked at ‘why was you not here at 8am?’ from that moment I just felt so awkward which is not the way anyone expects to be met or feel let alone by someone who is running a business, plus we were down there on a weekend break and if there had been anywhere else to go believe me we would. If anyone has heard of the Crazy Cat Woman from ‘The Simpsons’ this is who you’d be dealing with, it’s disgusting cats climbing all over the furniture which defiantly put us off our breakfast plus It gave me a really tight chest as I have asthma and really bad hay fever!!!! The room was fairly clean but was very ugly, damp & smelly, the main thing we didn’t like was the fact none of the rooms locked apart from the bathroom!!! Me and my partner just couldn’t believe how rude this lady was plus we felt she was actually being quite racist as my partner is a black Caribbean man and in the morning as she was stripping the room she reacted very rudely to his hair product being on her pillows which she was washing anyway (I mean if she wasn’t then that’s just disgusting)!!! The worst thing was when my partner had to pop out to get cash as that’s all she takes and she was more interested in her going out than asking us if we’d had a nice stay and when he got back told him she’d charge him extra for the hair cream on his pillow and when he hesitated to see what money he had on him she barked at me ‘you’ve got money just get that out!!!!!’ I actually was not hearing my ears!!! We just couldn’t wait to get out of HELL!!!!!!! Please I’m being completely serious do NOT put yourself through this!!!!!!!!!
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