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DO NOT BOOK Peter French Sound and Light If you intend to have any prearranged music themes. Despite the fact that we outlined the requirements on the Contract and Booking form and followed this up with an email with the all the details, Peter French DID NOT honour their verbal acceptance and consequently the music selected was NOT PLAYED. After many months of planning this totally spoilt the event since the DJ had not been provided with any information! Peter French’s only interest is having the booking fee paid upfront and into their account a minimum of 7 days before the event, that is, unless you PAY IN CASH before the DJ starts, This stipulation is now quite understandable based on our personal experience. Also note that Peter French himself WILL NOT answer either telephone messages or acknowledge any emails UNLESS it is his for booking fees. That is to say, you Will NOT be able to speak or communicate with directly Peter French. Please do bear these facts in mind should you even consider booking Peter French Sound and Light!
6/15/2013 3:11:29 PM Report