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It was a birthday treat for our four year old girl to choose a present at Children's Salon in Tunbridge's Wells. We had travelled all the way from Brighton to visit the shop. When we arrived our little girl picked up a toy she liked BUT was immediately stopped by one of the shop assistants before she had the chance to speak. The assistant TOLD our little girl the toy she's holding 'IS VERY EXPENSIVE' and said that she could only touch it if 'YOU'RE GOING TO BUY IT' because she didn't want it 'TO GET DIRTY'. The sale assistant kept referring to the toy as 'VERY EXPENSIVE' when she spoke. They showed no interest in children's feelings at all. Very rude and offensive, even to a four year old. I would have given its customer service no stars if there was a choice.
10/9/2012 1:55:29 AM Report