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Stay away from this company especially kevin who runs the Swindon franchise yes you heard it right martin & co are all franchised out with no complaints procedure. Kevin is a con man and took our money let me elaborate we rented our house out through this man he let the tenants completely distroy our property with no checks or balances in place, we took kevin to court to get our money back and what kevin did next i could not believe he strung us along for six months saying we would get our money back and all the while he was putting his company in to liquidation. We won our court case and issued a CCJ against his business however his business was now dissolved but he was still trading how can that be we thought. This man had set up a new company and continued trading under martin & co we spent £3000 to put our property right let alone the stress involved this man is a thief and a con man STAY AWAY FROM KEVIN JONES WRITTEN BY MARK AND JOJO
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