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My father was hospitalised and we as a family were advised to buy an adjustable bed by his medical team for when he was discharged. Myself, Mother and sister visited the store and were initially impressed by the sales assistants knowledge and recomendations. we took the decision to purchase a bed from them costing £800. My mother paid an intial deposit by credit card and the bed was ordered by the shop. We were given an estimated delivery date and when it approached we still had no confirmation of the due date. My sister made several phonecalls, was promised a call back but these never materialised. Eventually, 2 days after the due date, the bed was delivered. The quality, although not terrible, was not to the standard you would expect in a product with this price tag. Sadly my father never got use the bed as he passed away in hospital. The day after dads passing we contacted the mobility centre, explaining the sad circumstances and asking if they could take the bed back and requesting a refund. The response we recieved on the phone was staggering! Not at any point did the assistant express any sympathy or say sorry for your loss. She was obstructive, and never said anything to reassure us that we would get our money back saying she "would need to contact head office as this is not something we normally deal with". she also suggested we try and sell the bed on to a care home ourselves. Anyone who has had to deal with a close family berevement knows how distressing a time this is. Disgusted by their general attitude and lack of humanity. we are still awaiting a response from the store with regard to this matter. i would never shop there again
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