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Michael Quinn
I was until 2009 receiving fantastic help and support from my CPN, Tina Duckett and my Psychiatrist Dr Singh if my memory is correct, They both travelled to Corwen's health centre to meet me for my appointments as I lived in Corwen at that time, I was given a diagnoses of being bi-polar with PTSD, due to trauma's I have suffered over a log period of time, Unfortunately I moved out of county to my town of birth in Flintshire so I lost this support network, I am not getting any support whatsoever from Flintshire's mental health team, I was informed by Tina the day before I left, Not to expect the same level of support in Flintshire that I was receiving in Denbighshire, I should not have been surprised as this was a reason why I left Flintshire as far back as 2000 due to the lack of understanding and professional help that I desperately needed then, So things in Flintshire mental health have not improved at all in my mind, Just fobbed me off, Telling me that I was being referred to a psychologist, That was over five years ago, have not heard a thing from them since, No wonder so many people resort to self harm, Not emitting the fact I suffered a stroke i 2011 which has exacerbated my symptom's, I am seriously considering making a complaint to my GP about the poor performance of F.M.H.T to see if this gives them a wake up call, Oh' a big thank you to Oakleigh CMHT for all the help they gave me before I moved, It undoubtedly saved my life. Thank you for reading.
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