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Rachael Lindsay
-Went back to LOXX HAIR SALON on the Sandgate in Ayr after my colour went faded and was in a right mess.I was told that there was nothing wong with it. After telling the hairdresser (the owner none the less) that people had commented on my hair asking what had happened to it she said she did not believe me. She said people would pay for this sort of thing. After 20 minutes of rudeness and one occasion name calling, I repeadatly asked for a price on how much to fix it as it was made obvious that it would not be free.The owner wanted £30 to fix the mess she had made. I left the salon and returned with my mum and daughter 5 mins later. We were refused a refund, demanded to get out of the salon, the owner pulled my mums jumper in an attemp to drag her out the salon because we dared to complain.This all cost me £80 - should have been £100 but gotstudent discount. Three other hair dressers all stated that my hair was awful. I want everyone to know the shocking way LOXX HAIR SALON, SANGATE AYR treats its customers.
4/14/2012 2:51:07 PM Report