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Rachel Couch
This company renovated my house just over 6 years ago. Initial consultation was fine - plans were drawn up and agreed and money outlay for various stages agreed. With hindsight, I would definitely withhold more money to ensure final snagging was completed within MY timescales as workmen were seemingly unavailable (pulled off for other jobs) at these final stages. Residual issues were slow to complete. The bath was never fitted correctly, so 4 consequent attempts have been made to rectify unsatifactorily as the bath really needs to come out and be re-sited. Attempts have included partial removal of tiling to get to the bath cradle, another re-seal and then finally removing tiled bath side to attempt to re-site the bath cradle & a plastic bath panel fitted. None of these attempts have rectified the issue and the bath still moves away from the wall creating a gep. Over 6 years, my inside walls have become damp & woodworm has set in. Also, electrical work was highly unsatisfactory, with the electrical panel having ill-fitting circuits and was left unlabelled. I also have a bathroom light which has never worked (despite spending on electricians since which have never been able to rectify). Small bits of plastering agreed as part of the whole job were also of an extremely poor standard. This company's approach to follow on work within warranty period have been frustrating and upsetting as calls are not returned, dates for repair are put delayed and delayed and I am now left with a bath which I am going elsewhere to rectify at significant cost. Suggestions: Plan your payment accordingly in terms of witholding sufficient to incentivise correction of snagging issues and ensure you get full satisfaction within your statutory rights. Disappointing.
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