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Vaughan Thomas
Condensation Problems Our cottage has several damp walls upon which mould would grow. This is partly, we believe, because of our location. Our back garden abuts the Severn Estuary and the River Wye is only a few hundred yards from our front door! Having researched further we decided to contact Envirovent and request a survey. This was organised for us by the super-efficient Timea who administers their local office. Craig looked at the property and advised that the issue was condensation. He recommended a main circulatory fan on the upstairs landing and a further two smaller units, one in an upstairs bathroom and the other in the downstairs cloakroom. Our Envirovent System was installed. The job was well done and that all the mess and debris was cleaned away. It is now nearly three months later. We are very pleased with the results. The damp areas seem to drying out and once removed the mould does not seem to return. Well done Envirovent! Vaughan and Carol
11/16/2022 11:04:33 AM Report